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The kitchen is the nerve center of any home. Although meal preparation is its primary function, any social gathering seems to bring people to this multi-purpose room. At installation or remodeling time, the kitchen presents a diverse environment requiring tools for everything from cabinetry adjustment to flooring installation.

Living Room

There’s no room in the home that reflects personal style quite like the living room. Flooring, wall coverings and windows all mesh to present an interior landscape that’s both functional and reflective of the design aesthetic. Accents and personal flourishes tell a story in wood, glass, drywall and decorative metals from floor to ceiling.

Basement Remodel

The basement remodel has become an important part of buying and selling a home. The space may be empty now, but homeowners and potential buyers can see a movie room, an entertainment area with a bar or a children's play area among the bare floor joist and exposed insulation. It just takes a little vision.

Outdoor Living

The patio and deck mark the new frontier in recasting the home living area. That includes everything from poolside relaxation and outdoor cooking to expansive deck space for family events. Tough materials like stone, concrete and composite wood are the rule of the day in configuring an outdoor living area.